Proxies For Website Testing

Need For Website Testing

Geo-targeted Content

When you visit a website, the website reads your location via your IP address. Thus the content you see and the third-party data you come across are very relevant to you. This is great from a customer and business perspective. It makes sure the customer can easily relate to the content and increase conversion for the business.

However, if you plan on rendering different content for audiences in different regions on your website, how will you be sure the right content loads for the right audience? You have to access the website like any normal user would to be sure your content localization works. For that, you’ll need to switch your IP address to the different regions.


If you set up the best security protocols and algorithms on your website, you can only be sure that they are reliable when the website is attacked. You don’t have to wait until an actual hacker attacks you. You can make use of penetration testing tools to test the security of your site.

The advantage here is that you’ll be able to identify possible vulnerabilities you missed when installing your security. It’s just like debugging. These penetration testing tools are automation tools so you have to make the connection appear as organic as possible.

User Experience

Website testing will also give you insights into how visitors engage with your website. For example, you might want to test your website’s usability on browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc – or on devices – Mobile, Tablet, Desktop – or on operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc.

Some tools help with such testing. Again, they are automation tools so it’s easy for your web server to block them. For this, you have to mask their traffic.

No matter what your reason for website testing is, you can count on our proxy network at ProxyRack as the solution you need.

How Our Proxies Can Help You

Here’s how our proxies can help you with website testing:

Geo-Location Targeting

At ProxyRack, we offer premium Geo residential proxies. You can use IP addresses from more than 140 different countries including the likes of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia to name a few. With this, you can test websites from about any region of the world; you can choose specific cities even.

Real Residential IPs

With our real residential IPs, you can keep your penetration, user experience, and other automation tools anonymous. We source our residential IPs from top ISPs from all around the world so there’s less chance for your automation tools to get blocked. The IPs are private and secure with no possibility of compromise.

Unlimited IP Addresses

You can perform as many website tests as you want, you’ll never run out of IPs to use with our proxies. We have over 5 million residential IPs and over 20,000 data center proxies. Unlike other proxy providers, we do not limit your IP access according to your subscription. You can access all our IPs with any subscription.

Rotating and Static Options

With our rotating ports, you can switch thousands of IP addresses in seconds. These can be helpful when testing your website for security vulnerabilities. On the other hand, you can use our static ports for sticky sessions that last from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. Sticky sessions will help more for testing websites for user experience and content localization.

Easy Tracking

We provide a members dashboard where you can easily track all your connection history, number of threads used, bandwidth, etc. This can help you monitor all your website testing tasks.

Why Use ProxyRack?

Massive Network

Our network consists of residential and data center proxies. Every month, we provide up to 2 million unique IP addresses. Our proxy network is ever growing so you won’t run out of IPs to use. Also, we allow you to use HTTP, SOCKS, HTTPS, and UDP protocols.

Real Technical Support

You don’t have any experience with setting up proxies? Not to worry, you can take advantage of our real technical support. We will provide all the technical knowledge you need.

Money-Back Guarantee

If it is your first time using our service, you’re safe with our risk-free money-back guarantee. We’re sure you’ll love it, but if you don’t, you can get a refund within 3 days.

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