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Forget you're even using a proxy

Find the right proxy for your use case, get started in 10 minutes, set and forget. No captchas, no bans, no lags.

“With Proxyrack I don’t think about proxies and recaptcha anymore! I set them up one time and now with EVERY request I have a new IP.”

— Customer


Residential Proxies

Get a pool of real residential IPs
Choose from:

· Private Unmetered 

· Premium Residential

“The residential proxy service is top level and never fails when I need them” — Peter


Datacenter proxies

Access a pool of 20,000+ unique datacenter proxies with unlimited monthly data transfer.

Choose between:

· USA Rotating 

· Global Rotating 

·  Static USA

“I've tried most of their proxy packages, and after buying proxies for many years, I can say that I'm stunned! I've never seen such quality for such an affordable price.” — Customer

Datacenter Proxies

The only proxy provider you’ll ever need


Access IPs from 140+ different countries (plus target city and ISP)

Use a simple API endpoint to access 140+ different countries (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Europe & more). Get even more granular by targeting a specific city or Internet Service Provider.

Premium GEO

Easily troubleshoot with live reporting in your dashboard

Stop being blind to how your proxies are performing. From your dashboard you get access to all the live reporting you need to fix issues or get help right away:

· Current and total bandwidth
· Thread limit
· Number of online IPs
· Chart of active connections
· Chart of failed connections
· Data received and sent
· Look back from 1 to 24 hours and more.

The most scalable way to collect data on the web

Rotating or sticky ports

Scrape thousands of pages with random IPs on each connection or choose sticky ports and their rotation time when you don’t want to lose connection.

HTTP, SOCKS & UDP protocols

Proxyrack is the only proxy provider accepting all protocols including: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and UDP. So you can fit any use case.

Self service, get going in 10 minutes

Sign up for a trial or for a full plan, verify your identity and start using your proxy. No exhausting onboarding or sales process to go through.

7 day trial and guarantee

Try all our proxy types for 7 days at $29.95. If you can’t find a dream proxy solution for your specific use case.

“The first and the only proxy provider I’ll ever use.. I also love that they offer charge by thread and not by GB because when using proxies and surfing the web you can use an entire GB plan in under an hour.”

— Ironesha J

Residential other ips

Real Residential IPs


140+ proxy locations


3,000+ happy customers


Highly reliable proxy API

How it works

Instead of forcing you to pick between the usual 5, 10, 50 or 100 individual static proxies, we take a different approach:


Create a subscription and get access to a huge number of unique monthly IP addresses


Use your IPs by routing your connections through our proxy API


The API automatically looks through our repository and selects the best IP for you

Stop paying more than you need to

Finally quality and performant proxies at the right price, even for the smaller guys.

Residential Proxies

Residential IP addresses and higher success rate for your more challenging projects.

From $49.95 /month

Choose from:

· Premium

· Private Unmetered

· Unmetered (soon)

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Datacenter Proxies

Fast and reliable, uncapped bandwidth and access to all of our IPs for a simple flat fee.

From $50.00 /month

Choose from:

· USA Rotating

· Global Rotating

· Static USA

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“I've tried most of their proxy packages, and after buying proxies for many many years, I can say that I'm stunned! I've never seen such quality for such an affordable price.”

— Customer

Not sure? Test all of it for 7 days

Immediately get access to:

  • 1GB Premium Residential Proxies

  • 5 Private Unmetered Residential Ports

  • 250 Global Rotating Datacenter Threads

  • 250 USA Rotating Datacenter Threads

  • 100 Static USA datacenter IPs

$29.95 /7 days

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