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Download and install the Peer desktop software

Download our software and install it onto your computer. You can remove this later at any time using the uninstaller.

Earn money for every GB of internet bandwidth you share

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Earn money from active and idle users

Protecting your internet

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Easy instalation

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Track your earnings

Easily view your daily earnings in our friendly dashboard.

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Track your daily shared bandwidth in our easy-to-use panel.

We provide business proxy services for our customers who require access to residential IPs. By joining our network and becoming a peer we will route web requests through your internet connection allowing our business customers to see localised results based on your geographic area.

Earn income passively

Allow users to enjoy your app ad free.


No technical skills required to get started

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Quick payouts

We process payouts to PayPal, gift cards or even wire transfers

Easy to remove

You can uninstall and completely remove the peer program

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