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Copping Multiple Sneakers and Shoes

When there’s a new sneaker or shoe release, there’s always a rush as everyone wants to get their hands on a pair. If you’re not fast enough, the product will be out of stock without you purchasing any pair.

It’ll be even more difficult if you want to purchase multiple sneakers and shoes. Perhaps you’re a retailer and you want to resell on your own websites. With our sneaker proxies and the right sneaker bot, you’ll be able to purchase multiple sneakers and shoes very quickly.

You’ll have millions of IPs at your disposal so you can assign unique IPs for every purchase.

Prevent Banning

Sneaker websites will ban your bot and even your IP address if they detect what you’re doing. You can no longer cop more sneakers and shoes if that happens. Worse? You can lose your purchasing account.

Our proxies can help you prevent ban. We offer reliable proxies that can mask your real IP address and make your bot appear like a human internet user.

Also, you’ll have so many IPs such that if one gets banned, you can just use another.

Unblock Websites

Some sneakers and shoes may not be available for your region. Sometimes, producers release exclusive products for a particular country. Furthermore, the website entirely may not be accessible from your region.

We believe in an open internet so you can count on us to assist you in unblocking websites. It doesn’t matter what region, country, or city, you can bypass the restriction by simply using an IP in the region.

Our network covers countries across Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

Anonymous Protection

When copping sneakers and shoes, the last thing you want is for the websites to read your private details. Using just your IP address, websites can detect your region, the type of phone you use, laptop, browser, and even network provider.

By using our sneaker proxies, you can mask all of these with a new IP address to keep yourself anonymous. All our proxies make use of private exit nodes; none of your traffic can go public. You can authenticate the proxies using whitelisting or username + password.

Why Choose ProxyRack


Our residential and data center proxies allow you to geo-target any region you want. We have IPs that span across 140 countries worldwide. You can geo-target countries, cities, and even ISPs with our premium residential proxies.

Furthermore, we have exclusive US and Canadian proxies. It doesn’t matter where the sneaker website is hosted, you can unblock it with our Geo proxies.

Sometimes, the cost of sneakers and shoes will be cheaper in some countries; you too can pay less by switching your location with our geo-targeted proxies.

Massive Network

Thanks to our massive network, you’ll never run out of proxies and IPs to use. This is a major reason why 9,000+ customers trust our service.

You have over 2 million residential proxies and over 20,000 data center IP addresses to use. Interestingly, the number of IPs you can access is the same for all subscribers. We only sell different threads.

Every month, you get up to 2 million unique IP addresses in our database.

Rotating and Sticky Sessions

We offer both rotating and sticky sessions; you can go with any depending on the website you're buying from and the type of bot you’re using.

Some bots require long sticky sessions to successfully complete the purchase. Our sticky sessions can last from 3 minutes to 30 minutes which should be more than enough.

On the other hand, we offer rotating proxies that you can use to run thousands of sneaker questions at a time.

Statistics Dashboard

It’s important that you get insights on what you’re doing. We know that which is why we included an easy-to-use statistics dashboard. This is even more important if you’re using our sneaker proxies for different bots.

You can view your proxy usage statistics, whitelist IPs, and perform other management tasks confidently. You can also customize the proxies using tags and classifications. All of these will help you understand if you’re doing it right.

Reliable Support

At ProxyRack, we prioritize our customers and will always try to satisfy their needs. We offer real technical support to anybody who might have issues setting up the proxy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a medical doctor or a student..

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