Proxies For SEO / Search Engines / Google

Proxies For SEO / Search Engines / Google

Do you want to scrape search engines like Google for SEO? Our SEO proxies will help you extract relevant data that you need to help take your business to the next level. When it comes to SEO, there are several tasks you can do.

Scrape Data

Access to valuable and insightful data is primary for business success. Everyone makes use of search engines; they’re the map of the internet world. This means that these search engines contain data about almost everything online.

By scraping Google and other search engines, you’ll be able to extract accurate data for several functions. This includes keyword research, competitor research, ranking levels, and content.

Monitor Competitors

Do you want to get accurate data about your competitor’s and how they perform? If yes, then you can invest in SEO monitoring. For example, you can monitor how content ranks on Google, how long it takes them to rank, number of traffic they get from search engines, etc.

Monitor Campaigns

If you’re running an SEO campaign, you also need to monitor it to be sure it’s going according to plan. You have to check the visibility and number of traffic you receive. Also, if you’re targeting a foreign audience, you’ll have to monitor from their end and not just yours.

Audit Your Sites

The basis of SEO is to improve your website’s ranking. There are both technical and non-technical methods of SEO. In essence, SEO allows you to audit your website so you know the technical aspects it’s lacking to rank on SERPs. It could be broken links, bad backlinks, heavy codes, etc.

Major Challenge Of Scraping Search Engine, Google, and SEO

IP Ban

Most websites are against automated traffic - bots and other non-human traffic. Search engines - Google most especially - are very much against and will suspect malicious activities. Even if you’re not a cybercriminal, websites are always skeptical of large data queries because cybercriminals do it too.

How We Can Help You

Our proxies will help you prevent you from IP ban when you scrape Google and other search engines. This is possible with the rotation options. You can constantly rotate your IP address to create the illusion of multiple users. Your traffic won’t appear as coming from a bot but as if it were different Google searches.


Google and other search engines show results based on geographic location. This implies that the search result you get in the UK will be different from that you get in the US for the same keyword.

This can be challenging when you’re trying to build the perfect SEO strategy. You might be targeting a foreign audience and you won’t know how Google serves their search results unless you’re in that region.

How We Can Help You?

At ProxyRack, we have proxy servers from over 140 countries across Asia, Europe, and North America. Hence, you don’t have to worry about geo-restrictions. If you’re targeting a foreign audience, all you have to do is to switch your IP to that location.

We offer premium GEO location proxies. Hence, you can target a particular country, city, or ISP.

Why You Should Use Our Proxies?

Datacenter and Residential Proxies

For SEO, you may need datacenter proxies for their speed or residential proxies for anonymity and data privacy. Whichever one you want, you can count on us. We have over 5 million home IPs and over 20,000 datacenter IPs.

Massive Proxy Network

We boast of a broad and ever growing proxy network. We assure you that you’ll never run out of proxies. In addition to the 5 million+ residential IPs and 20,000+ datacenter IPs, we offer over 2 million unique IPs per month. You have HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5 and UDP options.

Furthermore, we have rotating and static ports. Our static ports can maintain a proxy connection for 3 to 30 minutes while our rotating ports can switch thousands of IPs in minutes.

Expansive Proxy GEO Locations

Our premium geo-targeted proxies allow you to switch your IP to access search engine content from different countries. We have proxy servers in over 140 countries. This includes countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. Furthermore, our residential proxies allow you to target cities and ISPs.

High anonymity

You can use our anonymous proxies to hide your SEO scraping bot and safeguard your online identity. Our private exit nodes exclusively offer private proxies. Our residential proxies are also from leading ISPs and point to real addresses.

Safety and Support

If you have any problems with our proxies, you can contact our real technical support team. Furthermore, as a new customer, you get a risk-free money-back guarantee.

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