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Security flaws are a heavy risk to your business. Especially in this internet era when cyber crime is at an all-time high. Your data and systems must be secure and protected from cyber criminals who are always looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities.

However, how can you quickly identify these security risks? How can you be sure there are no vulnerabilities? One way is by testing your systems. You have to mimic an attacker's behavior to detect serious vulnerabilities in real time.

How We Can Help

Our proxies can help lower the risk of a security compromise. We provide reliable proxies that add an extra degree of security to your incoming and outgoing traffic.

When you mask your traffic with a different address, hackers won’t be able to trace your host server. We don’t just give you access to one IP but to millions of IP addresses. The more you mask your IP addresses, the less vulnerable your digital devices will be.

Furthermore, if you want to test your security systems, our proxies will help you mimic real attackers behavior. Hackers also bounce their traffic on various servers so cyber police can’t trace them.


No one wants to share their personal information with strangers. Therefore, the importance of online privacy cannot be overemphasized. As a business, you need to maintain not only your privacy but your customers' privacy.

If you don’t protect your privacy, spies will be able to track your research, employees, customers, and other sensitive information you shouldn’t share.

As an individual internet user, online privacy is all the more important. Third-party platforms work hand in hand with top websites to collect data and cookies from users. The browsers you use collect your browsing history and other personal data.

What’s worse? They sell your private data to different companies who use them to their advantage. All these happen without your consent.

How We Can Help

Our proxies can help anonymize your online traffic both as a business or as an individual. You can browse using proxies for different cities and countries without websites detecting your actual location.

We premium Geo residential proxies that lets you even target specific ISPs. Furthermore, our proxies all make use of private exit nodes. We don’t feature any public proxies.

Brand Protection

Brand protection is an important aspect of day-to-day business. A logo, an idea, an innovation, and a brand take time to develop and even longer to get recognition. What more? These contents cost a lot these days.

The internet is vast and you can never cover it all. How are you sure someone else isn’t copying and making money out of your brand’s ideas and innovation? This is even worse if you’re a startup as the bigger companies can easily copy and claim your ideas.

Those who copy your brand can block you from viewing their site or exclusively change the content accordingly. Most of the time, these content infringers are in a different geo-location.

How We Can Help

There are online companies that exist solely to track privacy and infringers. However, this hasn’t stopped the perpetrators.

With our residential proxies, you can browse as a normal customer and see accurate website content. If the websites are in a different geo-location, you can switch to a residential IP address in that country and bypass the restrictions.

Why Trust Our Service?

Vast Network

At ProxyRack, we boast of a vast proxy network with residential and data center IPs. We provide up to 2 million unique IP addresses per month which ensures our proxy network is always expanding.

With our reliable proxy service, you’ll never run out of new IP addresses to protect our security and privacy. In addition, we support HTTP, SOCKS, HTTPS, and UDP protocols.

Global Proxy Server Network

Our proxies are ideal for geo-targeting and geo-unblocking. You can use our premium eo residential proxies or the global rotating datacenter proxies.

Interestingly, we have proxies originating from over 140 countries, mostly in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Technical Assistance

Do you have any experience configuring proxies? If you don’t, you don’t have to worry as you can rely on our expert technical assistance. We will provide you with all of the technical information you require to protect your brand with proxies..

Money-Back Guarantee

Our risk-free money-back guarantee protects you if this is your first time patronizing us. We're confident you'll enjoy using our proxies, but if you don't, we’ll give a full refund within 3 days.

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