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How Web Scraping Can Help You

In today’s world, data is gold to any business. So, you need to source data to get the best insights for making better decisions.

Web scraping, web data collection, and web crawling are all useful methods for extracting and storing data from the web.

Fast and efficient data collection

Web scrapers allow you to extract data from websites automatically, saving you and your team time that would be spent on tedious manual data collection. That way, you can collect data in far bigger quantities than when done manually.


Better business-decisions

As a business user, scraping data from the internet helps you to get market insights, study your sector, analyze competitor prices, and monitor their marketing activity. Subsequently, this leads to better decision-making.

However, extracting data with web scrapers and crawlers isn’t always that simple.

Challenges in Scraping, Web Data Collection, and Crawling

Web scraping and crawling is beneficial to your business in a variety of ways, but websites aren’t welcoming to bots. In essence, bots are non-human traffic that web owners do not want.

IP Address Ban

Many website owners are employing various anti-scraping techniques to prevent scrapers from accessing their sites, making web scraping more difficult. Your IP address can easily get blocked if you access a website with a scraping bot.


Some websites are inaccessible from specific countries due to geo-restrictions. If you want to get accurate data, you must be certain that you can access valuable data from websites irrespective of the location. With geo-restriction, you ordinarily can’t.

The same applies if your target audience is in a different country. You’ll want to adjust your location settings to that country so you can extract the data as it is.

However, companies utilize proxies to solve all of these challenges in web scraping and web data collection.

How We Can Help

At ProxyRack, we’re focused on satisfying all your proxy needs. We are an advanced proxy network with millions of proxies online on a 24/7 basis. This includes residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies.

Ever-growing network 

Our massive proxy network is an ever-increasing one with more than 2 million unique IP addresses added every month. With a subscription, you can access all the available proxies for your usage. 

Residential and datacenter solutions 

With our residential proxies, you have over 5 million IP addresses. There are 3 products Unmetered Residential, Private Unmetered Residential and Premium Residential proxies.

Our residential proxies have high success rates and you have rotating and static options. For our datacenter proxy solution, you have over 20,000 IP addresses to use. Available plans include USA rotating proxies, Global rotating proxies, Static USA proxies, and Canada rotating datacenter proxies.


We have private proxies in some of the hottest spots for market research in the world. You can geo-target countries and cities. There are IP addresses from over 140 geo-locations including the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, and other countries across Europe.  

About Our Proxies

ProxyRack proxies give you more than 5 million residential IP addresses and over 20,000 datacenter IP addresses.

Stop IP banning 

You have more than enough IP addresses to ensure your web scraping and crawling bot isn’t detected by websites. You can use ProxyRack rotating residential proxy options to rotate IP addresses thereby avoiding IP address ban. 

Faster data extraction 

With our high success rates and large thread packages, you can scrape data off websites a lot faster and accurately. Our proxies are unmetered so you can handle large data collection tasks without hassles. 

Unblock Geo-restrictions

Helping customers unblock the internet is one of our main objectives. This is why our proxies allow you to target countries, cities from across the world. With our solution, you can unblock any geo-restricted website with valuable data that you need. 

By using our geo-targeted proxies, you can also switch your default location to any countries whose customers you’re targeting and get first-hand information about them.

Why Trust ProxyRack? 

At ProxyRack, we have over 7,000 happy customers including top app and SaaS companies and individual internet marketers. We have 4.2 stars out of 5 on TrustPilot. Also, 86% of our customers rate our service as Excellent.

No Public Proxies 

Your online activity is obfuscated when you use our proxies. We only use private exit nodes so none of our proxies are public proxies. Furthermore, you can whitelist IPs or employ username + password authentication. 

Reliable Technical Support

We make it easy for you to easily track your activities with an intuitive user interface dashboard. If you have any challenges using our proxies for web scraping and data collection, you can always rely on our technical support.

Money Back Guarantee 

As a new customer, you’re safe with our risk free money back guarantee. 

Generally, you get high uptime, high speed and scalability, worldwide coverage, technical support, and millions of IP addresses.

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