eCommerce / Shopping

eCommerce / Shopping

Do you need proxies to access eCommerce websites like eBay, Amazon, or Aliexpress for scraping or other purposes? If yes, you can rely on ProxyRack. Whatever your goal is, we can provide you with the best eCommerce and shipping proxies.

eCommerce Scraping

eCommerce scraping allows you to extract valuable data from online shopping sites that you can use to improve your business. This could be data about your customers, target audience, or your competitors.

For eCommerce scraping, you’ll need scraping bots. The problem with using bots is that they generate non-human traffic which websites don’t like. Hence, it’s highly possible that eCommerce websites will ban your bot.

How We Can Help You

You can prevent your scraping bot from banning when you use our rotating proxy options. The rotating proxy will switch your IP address after some requests so all traffic doesn’t come from one IP address.

This gives the eCommerce website the illusion that the requests are from different users. We have over 5 million residential IPs and over 20,000 datacenter IPs that you can use.

Automated Shopping

Most times, shopping sites - especially sneaker and shoe sites - release limited edition products. There’s often a rush to buy them else they’ll be out of stock. Hence, buying them manually can be difficult.

To ensure you don’t miss out, you’ll have to set up a shopping bot - sneaker bot, shoe bot, etc - to help you purchase the limited products. Shopping bots can check out many products in a few minutes.

How We Can Help You

Just like the scraping bots, shopping websites will block your sneaker bots if they detect it. Our rotating proxies can still help you in this case. You just have to switch IPs and make it seem like the requests are from different users.

Open Multiple Accounts

If you’re an eCommerce merchant, opening multiple seller accounts can do you a lot of good. It’ll save you the stress if any of your accounts get banned and it can help you increase your income.

However, most eCommerce sites support just one account user. In that case, it's impossible for you to open multiple accounts.

How We Can Help You

eCommerce websites can only know it’s one person operating the same account from your browsing data. With our proxies, you can create multiple browser profiles and assign a unique IP address to each one.

This allows you to manage each account exclusively without any risk of shopping sites discovering that you own both.


You must have come across some eCommerce sites and products that aren’t available in your regions. More commonly, online retailers offer different prices for customers in different countries.

All these geographical restrictions can affect your shopping experience. What happens if you really must get a product that’s not available in your region?

How We Can Help You

We offer premium geo proxies. With these proxies, you can switch your IP to a foreign from more than 140 countries across Europe, North America, Asia. This will allow you to access any product you want; you just have to choose a country’s IP address where the product is available.

Security And Anonymity

You may want to create an anonymous buyer account or seller account on an eCommerce website. This won’t be possible by using your original IP address. Other internet users can easily tell where you’re browsing from, your browsing device, and even your ISP by reading your original IP. Therefore, you must mask your true IP address.

How We Can Help You

At ProxyRack, we only make use of private exit nodes. All our proxies are private proxies so you’re sure that your browsing information is private as well. You can mask your true IP using our true residential proxies and achieve high anonymity.

Why You Should Trust Us

Massive Network

Our huge network ensures you'll never run out of proxies or IPs. This is why 9,000+ clients trust us. We have over 2 million residential IPs and over 20,000 datacenter IPs. In addition, we add up to 2 million unique IP adddresses per month.

Rotating and Sticky Sessions

You can choose between our rotating and sticky sessions depending on what you want to do. Our sticky sessions can last from 3 to 30 minutes while our rotating proxies switch thousands of IPs in seconds.

Statistics Dashboard

Our easy-to-use stats dashboard makes it easy for you to track your activities. This is important if you use proxies for different eCommerce and shopping activities. You can use tags and classifications to personalize proxies.

Reliable Support

At ProxyRack, we value our customers and also strive to meet their demands. Do you have any problems with configuring proxies? You can count on our real technical support.

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