ProxyRack For Bots

Typical Examples Of Bots

SEO Monitoring Bots

Proper Search Engine Optimization ensures that your business has high visibility online. More traffic means more customers and more income. SEO monitoring bots help you stay up-to-date with your ranking on SERPs.

Data Crawling Bots

Data crawling bots are useful in web scraping. Web scraping is the best way to extract bulk data from websites automatically. You can analyze the data and make better business decisions with the insights.

Data Collection Bots

Data collection bots are valuable to every business but more valuable if you’re an eCommerce merchant. You can use them to collect actionable insights about your target audience and overall customer behavior.

Social Media Automation Bots

As a business, you surely have accounts on multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media automation bots simplifies the process of managing these accounts by automating posts, likes, comments, and even chats.

Ad Verification Bots

When you launch international adverts, you want to be sure that they are targeting the right audience. An ad verification bot will help you verify the effectiveness of your ads in multiple countries and devices.

Price Aggregation Bots

Price aggregation is helpful to know the ideal price for your goods, products, and services. It’s an important aspect of market research. Price aggregation bots can track prices relevant to your business across the internet.

Sneaker Bots

Sneaker bots are for automating online purchases on shopping sites. They are most useful in getting limited-edition products. Sneaker bots will complete multiple online purchases a lot faster than a human.

Major Challenge Of Using Bots

There are so many other types of bots that can benefit your business. However, the chances that these bots will complete tasks online is slim due to anti-bot systems.

Besides, top websites set up anti-bot systems to prevent bot traffic and most times ban the associated IP address.

How Our Proxies Can Help You

At Proxyrack, our aim is to help you access the internet freely. We provide unique proxies that you can use with bots to execute your tasks efficiently.

Prevent IP Address Ban

To prevent websites from blocking your bots, you can mask your bot traffic using any of our unique proxies. There are millions of IP addresses available and all of them use private exit nodes.


We have proxies with IP addresses in over 140 countries for geo-targeting. This will help you unblock websites that you can’t access with your local IP address. It will also help with mundane tasks like SEO monitoring, ad verification, and price aggregation.

Sticky Sessions

Our Sticky Session Ports allow you to maintain one IP address for 3 to 30 minutes while executing a series of requests. They are helpful for tasks that require one IP address. It’s up to you to set the interval rotation time.

Rotating Ports

In contrast to the Sticky Sessions, you can use our rotating ports for tasks that require frequent IP change. Our rotating ports can issue tens of thousands of proxies in seconds with a different IP address for each connection.

Why Should You Choose Proxyrack?

You get exceptional value when you purchase our proxies.

Different Proxy Solutions

You can choose between our residential proxies with over 5 million IP addresses or our datacenter proxies with over 20,000 million IP addresses. Conversely, we also offer residential VPN for Windows computers. That way, we ensure efficient and faster bot performance.

Unlimited IP addresses

Unlike other proxy service providers, your Proxyrack subscription doesn’t limit you to a particular number of IP addresses. You can access all the IP addresses in our network with any subscription; the threads make the difference.

Massive Network

We have an ever-growing proxy network with more than 2 million monthly unique IP addresses. Our network supports HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5 and UDP protocols.

High Speed and Success Rate

Our datacenter proxies are high-speed proxies with a high success rate. Our residential proxies are from renowned ISPs and they are highly anonymous.

Real Technical Support

Our proxies are easy to use. Nevertheless, you can always rely on our real technical support if you run into any challenges.

Low Cost

At Proxyrack, we have reasonable prices. You are covered with our Money Back Guarantee if you’re a new customer.

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