Proxies For Ads / Ads Verification

Proxies For Ads / Ads Verification

Are you an advertiser? You can take advantage of our proxies for testing your ads. Advertisers are losing money because of ad fraud as their ads show up on fake sites, don't reach the target audiences or display wrongly in the user’s browser.

Why Is Ad Verification Important?

Advertise Better

As an advertiser, ad verification helps you save money on advertising while also increasing the effectiveness of your ads. It enables you to check that the ads display just the way you want it. Also, it helps to ensure that other ad publishers don’t display negative or offensive ads next to yours which may deceive your audience.

Publish Better

As an ad publisher, you too can benefit from ad verification. It helps you reduce the likelihood of your sites displaying fraudulent ads and gives you more control over which ads appear.

Improve Viewability

Checking for viewability involves looking at pre-established criteria like the percentage of ad pixels and the amount of time an ad is shown in the browser window to see if it was successful.

With ad verification, you can determine your ad-reach based on how many people have actually seen an ad. This reveals which media purchases and publishers deliver the highest results and provide the most value for money.

Previously, publishers' ad operations were responsible for vetting advertising prior to publication. However, this isn’t possible now as there are more ad networks which means there’s a large volume of ads to vet.

Issues Associated With Ad Verification

The best way currently is adopting automated ad-verification systems. However, there’s are problems:

IP Address Blocking

Since these ad-verification systems are traditionally automated bots, websites may block them. Top websites do this to prevent bots from their servers. Also, ad fraudsters typically block the IP address of websites they are displaying ads for to prevent them from finding out. If your IP address is blocked, you’ll be unable to verify your ads unless you use a different IP address.


You may be in the US while targeting an audience in Germany, France, or any other country in Europe. You’ll never be able to properly verify the ads if you use your US IP. The ads will display how it’s set for US visitors.

If you switch your IP address to that of the European country, you can 100% verify how your ad would appear to normal users. Sometimes, you may be publishing ads on platforms that are restricted to your region. Switching IPs is the only way to access such platforms.


When verifying ads, you’ll want to keep your traffic anonymous so the website owners don’t know you’re using a bot. If it’s a case of advertising fraud, you wouldn’t want the fraudsters to know it’s you else they’ll shut you out again. Without masking your online traffic, you can’t be anonymous on the internet.

How Our Proxies Can Help You

Stop IP Blocking

At ProxyRack, we offer you residential and datacenter proxy options with millions of IPs. With our proxies, you have so many IPs to rotate so IP banning doesn’t interrupt your ad verification process. Our residential proxies are reliable ones from top ISPs, the chances of websites detecting them is very low.

Bypass Restrictions

You no longer have to worry about geographical restrictions. You can verify ads from different countries and regions with our proxies. Both our datacenter and residential proxies support geo-targeting. You can target countries, cities, and ISPs across 140 countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. We have exclusive geo-Proxies for the USA and Canada.

Stay Anonymous

We only make use of private exit nodes. That way, none of your proxy connections is public which keeps you safe and anonymous on the web. As fraudsters won’t be able to detect where your traffic is coming from. Furthermore, you can Whitelist IPs or authenticate specific IPs using username and passwords.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Huge Network

We boast of a huge network of residential and data center proxies; more than 5 million residential IPs and more than 20,000 datacenter IPs. We provide up to 2 million unique IP addresses every month. You won't run out of IPs to use. We also support HTTP, SOCKS, HTTPS, and UDP.

True Tech Support

You don't know how to set up proxies? Not to worry, we offer professional technical support. Our support team will provide all the guidance you need to use our proxies.

Guaranteed Refund

We have a secure money back guarantee for all our customers. You’ll get a refund within 3 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied. However, we’re sure you’ll love our proxies.

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