Proxies For Account Creation

Benefits Of Creating Multiple Online Accounts

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses today as it’s an open door to meet potential customers. As a business, you may need different social media accounts for your different departments and offices. You may also need different social media accounts to engage different types of customers and customers in different countries.

Email Management

It’s ideal to use multiple email accounts with different addresses for your business. Each email will serve a different purpose. This is beneficial for customer protection and it sure will make business management easier.

You may also need to create multiple email addresses if you want to open different accounts on other online platforms. Email address is one of the primary requirements for opening accounts.


Do you sell on AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, etc? One of the ways to increase your income as a merchant is by opening multiple seller accounts on online marketplace platforms.

That way, if one account gets suspended, you can continue your business with another. Also, it’s useful if you’re targeting different customers or you sell diverse products.


Multiple gaming accounts can come in handy in different situations. Games often feature many events and missions and which would be difficult to cover with one account. With different accounts, you can simultaneously take on different missions while keeping separate data for each.

Payment Platforms

When you create multiple accounts for eCommerce platforms, you’ll also need multiple accounts on payment platforms. These are platforms like PayPal, Stripe, Payoneer, etc.

Using the same payment details will blow your cover. Also, you might need multiple payment accounts for different businesses and different payment incentives.

Major Challenge That Occurs When Creating Multiple Accounts

A problem, however, is that the process can be time consuming if done manually. Imagine if you wanted to create 100 Facebook accounts? How long will it take you? Bots are the best way to create hundreds of accounts in just minutes.

However, websites can easily block your bot when they detect such activity. Even when you create these accounts manually, some platforms that don’t support multiple accounts will block you. With our proxies you can prevent this from happening.

How We Can Help You

Prevent Blocking

You can prevent blocking using our proxies to mask the activity of your bot. We give you millions of IP addresses, so you have more than enough to assign to each account you create. With the change in IP address, anti-bot mechanisms will not flag your account creation process.


At ProxyRack, we offer premium geo residential proxies. You can use them to target any specific country or region you want as the host of your account. Our network lets you geo-target more than 140 countries. In addition, you can also target specific cities.

Are you trying to create multiple accounts on a platform not available in your region? Not to worry, you can still rely on our geo-proxies to bypass the restriction and unblock the internet.

True Residential IPs

Residential proxies are the best for account creation since they are affiliated to ISPs and point to a physical location. We offer true residential IPs that are highly anonymous and undetectable; you can eliminate all worries of banning. There are more than 5 million residential IP addresses obtained from reliable ISPs.

Fast Speed

Our datacenter proxies are also efficient for creating multiple online accounts. The advantage of using the data center proxies is the fast speed. We host our proxies on a clean network which ensures swift traffic.

If you have to create so many accounts, you can take advantage of our large thread packages which are even faster.

Why Are We Reliable?


Creating accounts involves usernames, emails, passwords, etc. Hence, such an activity requires extreme privacy to avoid data leaking. You can count on us to ensure the safety of your browsing sessions.

All our proxies are hosted on private exit nodes; we don’t offer any public proxies. We also have private dedicated residential proxies for high anonymity.

Vast Network

With ProxyRack, you can never run out of proxies that you need to create multiple online accounts. Our network spans across 140 countries with over 20,000 data center IPs and over 5 million proxies. There are dedicated options for USA and Canada. In addition, we offer about 2 million unique proxies per month.

Reliable Support

Our real technical support team is ready to assist you if you run into any problems with our proxies.

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